I am a/an: ENVIRONMENTALIST // OUTDOOR ENTHUSIAST // professional third wheel

Hello there!

My name is Menique (not MOnique) but I wouldn't mind if you call me mini. I was born and raised in Indonesia, exposed to many different natural wonders of the world. Even before I could walk, my mom would have me in a backpack and take me on her crazy adventrues all over Indonesia. We would go hiking and camp on top of a mountain then white water rafting in a class 4 level. She is a crazy woman but I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for her. Growing up in an adventurous environment has fueled my passion for adventure photography. I grabbed a camera for the first time ever when I was seven and since then I never stopped taking pictures. 

I love photography because it lets you capture those raw moments and emotions. My passion is capturing natural and genuine moments focusing on natural poses to create beautiful images enhanced by natural light.  

I am currently based on the north shores of Lake Superior, but I am willing to travel out of state and even out of country to work with clients as well as satisfy my wanderlust.

But enough about me. I want to hear YOUR story and capture it as best as I can. Shoot me an e-mail and let's make magic happen!